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  • “Stand Together to Restart Journey” XDC Successfully Held 2019 Chinese New Year’s Greeting Party
  • XDC 2018 Celebration Dinner
  • Travel Notes of XDC Technology in 2018

To bid farewell to the old year and welcome the lunar new year, XDC held a Spring Festival greeting party themed “Stand Together to Restart Journey” in a local restaurant on January 18, 2019, with all the lovable XDC employees coming together to celebrate the event.

  • RF Metal Components

    RF Metal Components

    also called radio frequency internal component which is the precise spare part used for radio frequency signal transmission, resonance, frequenc…

  • Light Communication Component

    Light Communication Component

    also called communication components used for transmitting light wave signals with optical fiber…

  • Precise Spare Parts

    Precise Spare Parts

    refer to the spare parts with surface completed based on procedures and working processes required including working parallelism, surface finish…

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